My room

My house

David Yepremyan
grade 4

My house is big and comfortable. There is a living-room, three bedrooms,a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet in it. The living-room is light, because there are four windows in it. My family always have dinner and tea in the kitchen.

My parents’ bedroom is not small. There is a bed in front of the wall. There are two wardrobes, a mirror, a TV, one big table and a computer in it. The TV is in the corner of the room. The door is opposite the window. My room is large, too. My room is next to my parents’ bedroom. There is a bed, two small tables, one wardrobe, one bookcase ,three chairs and many pictures in my room.

My room is not very light, because there is one window in it. I am always happy, when my friends visit me.

My room