Theme: “Clothes”


Subject: English, 9th grade.

Aim: Acquisition and reinforcement of the new vocabulary, activation of new words related to the topic “Clothes”.

Lesson objectives:

Revision of the clothes vocabulary. Introducing the new words and speech patterns. development of communicative competence, to practice the vocabulary on the topic,  to develop speaking abilities, to practice speaking, listening and reading for gist.

Developing writing skills on the topic “Clothes”. Ability to conduct a dialogue – exchange of opinions, ability to request information.

To form the ability to work in a team, to cultivate respect for the interlocutor.




Writing an essay “My favourite celebruty’s style”.



Lesson plan

Introduction of topic vocabulary. Using flashcards. Description of clothes of people on the photos.

Discussing different styles and students’ own style. Students work in pairs and ask and answer questions on the topic.


Questions for the discussion



Do you like the clothes you are wearing now?

Do you like to watch fashion shows on TV?

Do you enjoy shopping for new clothes?

What style do you prefer?

Who is the most stylish celebrity in your opinion?

What does he/she usually wear?


Listening task / Task 2 (easier)


Are you a brand slave?




Brand: designer name – can’t afford to: don’t have enough money for -‘cos: because –  could not care less: are not at all interested -crap, crappy: poor quality – factory: industrial building – fancy: posh – gear: clothes, equipment – go for: prefer – go round looking: spend time looking – gross: bad, awful – it’s not a matter of: it’s not a question of – Littlewoods & Marks & Sparks: Littlewoods and Marks & Spencer, two famous British clothes shops – look down on: have a poor opionon of – no wonder that: not surprising that – posh: high class – quid: pounds – rip-off: extorsion (French: arnaque) – sales: when shops sell articles cheaper than usual – stuff:things – sweatshop labour: people working in very bad intensive conditions – they’ll be more likely to: they will more probably – think more of: have a better impression of – trendy: fashionable, popular.


Homework: Write an essay about you favourite celebrity style, make a presentation with his/her photos, get ready to introduce the presentation in the classroom.



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